Scholarship Recipients


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In 1994, the Connecticut State Rifle and Revolver Association established a Scholarship fund. The Association uses the interest from this Fund to provide our Junior Members assistance with college tuition. At this time the scholarship is awarding $500 toward college expenses. The generosity of our members has made this scholarship possible for the Juniors. Donations are what make the fund grow and enable the CSRRA to increase the financial aid available to the junior shooters of our state. You can help now by adding a donation to your membership or renewal application. 

For more information about applying for the scholarship,

Scholarship Program Information

2017 Scholarship Application

Applications must be received by July 15th!

 Stephen B. Povroznik, IV  Patrick Sardo  Eric Sloan
2013  Caroline Bennett  Anthony S. Cuozzo, Jr.   Justine Jarvis
2012  Remington P. Lyman  Jonathan Planeta  
2011  Claudia Duksa    
2010  Michael Burzynski Jr.    
2007  Ander Michael Marzac    
2006  David Lanz  Mathew R. Tomasko  
2005  Stephen D. Bendel  Alec Karasconyi   Melissa M. Lussier
2004  Gregory Lonczak  Julie Coggshall  
2003  John Scimone  Brian Toth  
2002   Kevin Tormay    
1997  Jeff Manhiemer  Janniene Jainer  
1996   Daniel Burns  David Held  
1995  Christopher Auger  Dave Simon